Citizen Scholar

Citizen Scholar Inc. is a design studio founded in 2005 by Randy Hunt. In its early years, the studio created identities, communications, and websites for cultural & educational institutions, entertainers & artists, large brands & local businesses.

From 2007 to 2010 the studio transitioned from client engagements to building & partnering on self-sustaining product and service businesses.


Thank you

Over the years, Citizen Scholar has been enabled by numerous employees, interns, clients, and friends who actively collaborate in projects. Many thanks to: Matt Caron, Ryan Deussing, Eric Draut, Ryan Feerer, Tom Filepp, Kim Fox, Rob Giampietro, Randy Hunt Sr., Adam Krause, Zachary Granger Moldof, Joanna Neborsky, Serifcan Ozcan, Todd Persen, Ross Pike, Nathaniel Roche, Isaac Royffe, Josh Silverman, Aubrey Stalnaker, Matt Walker, Sarah Walker, Adam Waugh, Luke Wolagiewicz, and Wheat W├╝rtzburger.