About Me

I'm a designer, writer, and creative executive pursuing an expansive design practice. As of January 2019, I live in Singapore and am the Head of Design at Grab, where I lead the design organization creating Southeast Asia's super-app. We're hiring.

I recently completed a big, deep, multi-month breath and transitioned from a life of living and working in New York City and Hudson, NY. For more than twelve years I've designed two-sided e-commerce marketplaces. First a designer-made marketplace named Supermarket (now defunct) that I co-founded, then Etsy, and most recently Artsy. The nature of that design has morphed over time. What began as the craft of creating easy-to-use and attractive online shopping, selling, and communication software evolved to be rooted in creating long-term value through design contributions that benefit and strengthen an entire enterprise.

I authored a book titled Product Design for the Web that was published by New Riders in 2013. It is currently out of print. You can find e-book versions and copies from independent book sellers through Amazon and other retailers. I've gotten interest in an updated and revised edition. I'm considering pursuing that.

Prior to that, I founded and directed a design studio—Citizen Scholar Inc.—that worked with clients in education, environment, arts, and social good.

@randyjhunt is me on Instagram and Twitter.


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National Design Awards, 2017 (United States)

Sappi, Ideas That Matter, 2017

State of Utah DesignArts, 2015

Print Regional Design Annual, 2015

Art Directors Club of New Jersey, 2008

About This Site

I've recently stripped this site down to its barest of bones, to methodically build it back up again with just enough of what it needs. Updates are happening frequently, and I'm writing about them along the way. Start here: Long overdue and just enough. A refresh, part one.

I'm building an alternative version of this site, in parallel, here.

This website isn't a design portfolio, but it will have many of the characteristics of one. It's shaping up to be more of a lightly edited personal archive. This website is for me, more than anyone else. I do hope you enjoy it though. I welcome thoughts, feedback, suggestions and input. I can be reached at me (at) randyjhunt (dot) com.